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I need books like I need air. I also like to the write them too, and hope to see them on the library shelves. I also have an unhealthy love of all things Teen Wolf.
Buzz Books 2012 - Libba Bray, Barbara Kingsolver, Jasper Fforde, David Levithan, Mark Helprin, Dennis Lehane, Ned Vizzini, Junot Díaz, James Meek, Neil Young, Bill Roorbach, Lawrence Norfolk, Michael Cader, J.R. Moehringer, Peter Heller, Jenny Han, Bee Wilson, Siobhan Vivian, John Kenney, Ma Ok the only reason I requested this was to read the first few chapters of the Diviners by Libba Bray....but there were alot of other sneak peaks in here that I found very interesting and now I have a ton more book on hold at the library...great... :)