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A Girl With a Story

I need books like I need air. I also like to the write them too, and hope to see them on the library shelves. I also have an unhealthy love of all things Teen Wolf.
Quicksilver - R.J. Anderson The intense mind blowing sequel to Ultraviolet, takes place a few months after the stunning cliffhanger that left reader’s on the edge of their seats. Tori Beaugrand now has a story to tell, and it is vastly different than the style of Alison, whom readers fell in love with in the first novel. Tori is very matter-of-fact, who needs facts and numbers to makes sense of her world. At the beginning of the novel, Tori and her family have escaped their cushy perfect lives, for ones far less superior. Tori soon learns that she has attracted the attention of a man who wants to turn her into a lab rat. She must now team up with both new and old characters to defeat her enemies and finally be free. Fans of Alison and Sebastian will be happy to know that the characters do reappear sporadically throughout the novel. It is full of complete twists and turns, and nothing about this book is predictable. This series is one that I will be heavily promoting to our library patrons!