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The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray Listen....This review was always going to be biased. I was meant to love this book, but at the same time, it was honestly amazing. I have been in such a funk with books lately, nothing measuring up to what I wanted. Everything was predictable. Until this book fell, or rather smashed (its 600plus freaking pages), into my lap. The Diviners is a true masterpiece in fiction. While it is technically a young adult novel, there is nothing young about it. I find it hard to describe this book and do it justice. It really is something that I think readers need to go into with an open mind and no spoilers or clues as to what might occur (and I say this as a spoiler queen). There are the obviously the basic facts: Evie O’Neil is forced to live with her Uncle Will and help him with the Museum of Creepy Crawlies. She then forces her way into a murder investigation concerning the Pentacle Killer (Naughty John) who is stalking the streets of New York. Chaos ensues. But there is so much more to the novel than that.Libba Bray carefully crafts each chapter as if they are small stories within a larger whole. A random fact thrown here or there, a side story about cults lighting themselves on fire, children appearing in corn fields beckoning others to come play with them, crows following young Memphis Campbell around, they all come together piece by piece as the novel progresses. It slowly unfolds until the final battle of good versus evil, and even then, there is still something lurking around the corner. Evie and her friends are only at the precipice of their journey. Bray leaves clues throughout the novel of something much large coming. A storm is coming. I loved that the final chapters gave just the smallest hint of what is to come. There is no major cliffhanger, but at the same time the reader is left knowing that Naughty John was small time compared to that rabbit killing psycho grave walker. As I settled down to read this I felt such an overwhelming familiarity. Libba Bray manages to recapture that essence that made the Gemma Doyle Trilogy so unique and invigorating. While I have loved her other novels, nothing ever lived up to Gemma and her friends; until now. Evie has quickly become one of my favorite literary heroines. She is flawed, makes many mistakes, is overwhelming selfish; but she is also loyal, strong willed and fiercely protective of the ones she loves. I cannot wait to go on this journey with Evie, and knowing Libba Bray, I am preparing for some major heartbreak.Side Note: WHY WOULD ANYONE WALK UNDER A BRIDGE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ALONE?!?!?! As character after character encounter Naughty John under that freaking bridge I wanted to scream. Every time I read the word bridge I held my breath. So, no bridges for me. Never Again. NEVER.